Toe Ring Seller Tips

Why a Toe Ring Business?

  • Toe rings are hard to find and offer a unique business opportunity vs. the standard “home party” companies.
  • Toe rings require custom fitting when you sell the sized variety.
  • Toe rings are fun and people love them.
  • Toe rings = quick money in little time and you can make your own hours.
  • Toe rings take up little space with inventory.

Where Can You Sell Toe Rings?

  • Art and craft shows
  • State fair booths
  • 4th of July street fair, strawberry festival, chili cookoff, etc.
  • Private toe ring parties
  • Manicure, tanning and hair salons
  • Retail stores
  • Friends and family—word spreads!
  • Beach booths, hotel pools and vacation spots
  • College campuses

Wholesale for toe rings minimum is $200. If you need information on what it takes to start a business—from registering in your state to start-up costs—read 10 Steps to Start Your Business.


TRDC Designs offers special Business-in-a-Box Starter Kits. With small start-up costs, you can get your business up and running. Fun and profitable, you reap the rewards of extra income and happy toes on happy customers.

Questions About Sizing?

Sizing a fitted toe ring takes a little practice. If you are new to fitting toe rings, here's information on sizing you will need to make sure your customer has the perfect fit. Lots of people still love adjustable rings, and that's why we carry over 82 high-quality adjustable toe rings.

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More Questions?

Let us know if there is more we can add here to help you!