We're TRDC Designs, the sister site of ToeRings.com, offering the biggest, high quality wholesale toe ring selection around. We've updated our site and product line, offering the best competitive prices and styles on fitted and adjustable toe rings, thumb rings, anklets and permanent jewelry supplies for you and your customers.

This site is for Retailers Only and registration/login with a current resale license is required. 

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Selection and Quality

Selection and Quality

You'll find many styles in the highest grade of metals available. Feel confidence selling quality items made in the USA.

We offer great competitive pricing on all jewelry and kits to help you get started and stay consistent with your inventory. $200 minimum makes it affordable to get started, and we offer several multispacks of rings so you can stock up without breaking the bank.

Most orders are shipped the same or next day, depending on season. Please place your orders early for special events!

If you are new to selling, we are here to help! Please give us a call with all your questions and concerns.

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What's the Minimum? How Much is Shipping?

$200 minimum on all orders, not including shipping. All orders are shipped Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation Insured, starting at $12.

How Do I Fit a Toe Ring?

We have easy instructions for beginners, as well as YouTube tutorials on how to fit a toe ring. Don't worry, it's a breeze.

What Should I Order?

Depending on your business, we suggest a startup kit which includes a selection of sizes and styles. Kits are always the most cost efficient way to build into your business.

What Do I Need to Register for a Wholesale Account?

You need to provide a resale number or tax ID number which requires you, as the final seller, to charge sales tax in your state (if applicable.) Visit your Secretary of State's website to find out which permits and licenses you need.